Freedom From Negative Thinking

YES, freedom from negative thinking is possible. When you catch your self being negative, gossipy, critical or just whiny. Stop, pause and ask yourself, “What do I want?”

Why is he so focused and I love my to-do list?

Men and women are different is not new news.  Men have characteristics of hunters and women have characteristics of gatherers.  Neither are better than the other just part of our biology. So….. What is the purpose of hunting and gathering? For both it is survival.  That means there is a lot of intensity and energy around it.  What are the… Read more →

Why is Receiving Gifts So Hard?

This is a time of year for giving and receiving. The giving part is easy as I gifted my staff with gifts that expressed my appreciation for their hard work. I gave gift cards for coffee and food, pens for writing, and a lanyard with the name of the school misspelled. I retrieved the lanyard. The “ideal woman” or perfectionist… Read more →

What is Your Passion?

School opens for the children this week.  I can feel that natural tension that occurs before any new happening.  So, why do it?  The answer is I because I love what I do.  I love being an educator.  Nothing makes me happier, gets me more excited, and gets me up in the morning and sometimes at night.  It is what… Read more →

How to Feel Safe and Be Our Best!

A safe environment is necessary for students to succeed academically.  A space of both physical and emotional safety is key.  Safety is different for boys than for girls. Girls have a higher concern for physical safety.Recently, I had the opportunity to teach a direct instruction lesson to a group of second graders, who have been struggling with behavior on the… Read more →